Health & Nutrition

“ The greatest wealth is health ”

– Virgil –

A healthy living is a very popular prayer among people as happiness depends on how fit a person is. The modern world with the development and advancements currently prevailing has led towards serious questions on the health aspect as toxic, pollution and artificiality has increased to a greater amount. Diseases of unknown identity have taken over the world by surprise and adequate medication are scarce in availability or the requirement shall be for research required to discover new medication.

Nutrition deficiency is a global phenomenon that has serious issues on the brink across different nations and a remedy is of paramount importance. Research plays a vital role in the health sector in particular as drugs and medications possess the tendency to be discovered quite often and is a sector that involves a great amount of risk. TIIKM Conferences on Health & Nutrition is specifically designed to cater to the need of a must need platform to discuss and convert the papers to practice concluding the gathering on a successful note.

Conference in line with Health & Nutrition

The 2 nd Global Public Health Conference 2019

3rd Global Public Health Conference 2020

13th and 14th February 2020 in Bangalore, India

World-renowned speakers, academicians, researchers, advocacy groups, industry experts and delegates around the world will participate in the conference and discuss the public health challenges and solutions in a global context. The conference will provide unlimited opportunities to interact with prominent key persons in the field and greatly expand on your global network of scholars and professionals.

The 5th International Conference on Public Health 2019 (ICOPH 2019)

The 6th International Conference on Public Heath 2020

21st – 23rd September 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand

This year’s conference will facilitate discussions on a wide range of topics related to improving health at all levels through collaboration and open dialogue and steering tomorrow’s agenda to improve research, education, healthcare, and policy outcomes. So mark your calendars to attend the #ICOPH2020 Annual Conference.