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The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) is an entity that facilitates the purpose of Knowledge-driven and educationally empowered sustainable future for humankind by constructing the career of the research fraternity, empowering decision making in the corporate sector, and promoting quality decisions for policymakers through connected and integrated ground-breaking solutions.

Taking the lead on providing novel solutions using cutting-edge technologies- facilitation of meaningful collaborations, knowledge-sharing platforms and widely accessible publications which are supported by the fundamental value system at the heart of TIIKM is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Achievements in Numbers

Partner Universities

Asia’s Most Recognized Conference Organizers

A vision of transforming the Asian research culture to betterment is made possible in TIIKM Conferences by setting novel standards for better people engagement, promoting international exchange through research and bridging study to industry. Researches serve as the fundamental component for the development of ideas and concepts leading towards the emergence of innovations that result in a deviation from what was traditionally executed and practiced. TIIKM creates that platform to address the need of researchers to showcase their work to the outside world and contribute towards constructing a meaningful future.

TIIKM Conferences

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TIIKM Publishing is a platform assisting scholars to get their valuable research work published and aspire their dreams as scholars with solid research backgrounds. We serve the purpose of knowledge transfer dedicated to encourage interdisciplinary research, facilitating international networking and promoting academic research through quality and timely publications. Be a recognized expert in your field while contributing to the body of knowledge and advancing in your career.

Supporting Journals

High indexed & reputed journals

High variation

Personalized guidance

Special Issues

Reserved issues in reputed journals exclusively for the conference participants

Conference Proceedings

Publish with open access

Recognition with ISSN and DOI

Quality reviewing process

Publishing your articles within 3 months

Google scholar & Crossref coverage

Index ready format

Publication Workshops

Book of Abstracts

ISBN for each abstracts book in respective conferences

Quality reviewing process prior to being accepted

TIIKM Journals

International Journal of Teaching and Learning

International Journal of Marketing and Social Policy

International Journal of Interactive Media Studies

Research Guidance

KnowEx Journals

KnowEx Social Sciences Journal

KnowEx Management Journal

KnowEx Food and Agriculture Journal


Publication workshops with Publication experts

Guidance and consultation to develop the research articles

All in one solution for PCO events and cooperate events!

TIIKM Events is one of the recognized and recommended event management company
which can make any kind of Virtual, Physical or Hybrid event in to the reality.

Asia’s Most Recognized Conference Organizers

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