We are facilitating the purpose of a Knowledge-driven and educationally empowered sustainable future for humankind by constructing researchers’ careers, empowering decision making in the corporate sector, and promoting quality decisions for policymakers through connected and integrated cutting-edge solutions.


“Developing a Sustainable future for humankind with our fundamental value system through Knowledge-sharing platforms, widely accessible publications, meaningful collaborations, cutting-edge technology, and other novel solutions.”

Core Values

Achievements in Figures

TIIKM Leadership

Mr. Oshadee Withanawasam

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Mr. Isanka P.Gamage

Co-founder & Managing Director

Mr. Duminda Koralagamage

General Manager

Mr. Austin Joseph

Assistant General Manager and Head of International Relations & Partnership

Our Story

TIIKM History
The story of TIIKM begins

TIIKM embarks on a journey to revolutionize the organization of academic conferences and transform the research and education landscape. Guided by the vision of two young Co-Founders Oshadee Withanawasam and Isanka Gamage, who were very passionate about offering a novel knowledge-sharing experience between academics. 

TIIKM History
TIIKM launches its first academic conference

TIIKM organized its first academic conference in Colombo, Sri-Lanka. It was held to meet international standards and was a resounding success- with the participation of more than 25 participants in the Marketing domain. Also serving as a valuable experience that provided many insights for TIIKM to gain a detailed understanding of the global academic conferences environment. 

TIIKM History
International expansion for TIIKM

Becoming a truly international conference organizer by crossing geographical boundaries, TIIKM organized its first international conference abroad, In-line with the driving desire in the minds of our visionary leaders to build a globally recognized brand for organizing international conferences of exceptional quality. 

TIIKM History
Internationally acclaimed for Business Excellence

TIIKM won its very first international award, for “Business Excellence at the Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Memorial Excellence Award Ceremony. Celebrating our commitment to provide quality over quantity. 

TIIKM History
20 International conferences across the globe

Backed by popular demand, TIIKM first increased the number of conferences organized globally by us to over 20 conferences in a calendar year- at end of 2019, covering a variety of crucial fields of study. KnowEX, is now a prominent academic publication brand- and was launched by TIIKM this year.

TIIKM History
Overcoming restrictions through adaptability and flexibility 

TIIKM was one of the very first companies in the South Asian region who shifted to the virtual conference concept as a rapid-response to the restrictions imposed on travelling and public gatherings brought around by the COVID-19 pandemic. Exercising tactical flexibility in the face of new opportunities, TIIKM launched TIIKM Events, which has now become one of the leading event management solution providers. 

TIIKM History
Resurgence through resilience

TIIKM Academy launched in 2021, at present has become an industry benchmark as an education solutions provider. Expanding our operations strategically in this time of resurgence in the post-Covid era, and serves as a testament to our resilience. 

TIIKM History
Ready for a future of Growth, Sustainable Development and Service

Today TIIKM is home for more than 40 direct employees and more than 100 indirect employees representing many countries from across the globe. Working with, many students, temporary lectures, and full-time/ tenured lectures from more than 75 developing counties who have joined us as volunteers and part time contributors. While enhancing learning and development, we receive their support to promote our cause and in return, we work closely with them to help in building and advancing their economies. Implementing the best practices of CSR and aligning our operations to the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations, we look forward to a future of growth while providing a service to the global community and conservation of our planet for a sustainable future. 

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