Academic Governing Body of TIIKM

The Academic governing body of The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) is an official committee of subject matter experts appointed under subject avenues to ensure the technical knowledge composition in TIIKM Conferences are of supreme Quality and are of much necessity to be addressed in the current context foreseeing to construct a healthy future tomorrow. The primary aim of setting up a committee of distinguished personals is to safeguard the industry practices that are generic in organizing Academic Conferences to ensure the delivery of a platform that is best established

The objective of the formation of the Academic Governing Body of TIIKM is as follows;


Dr. Loren O’Connor

Former Assistant Vice Chancellor of the Office of Accessible Education and Counseling Services
Brandman University

Deputy President
(Social Sciences and Women’s Studies)

Dr. Diana J. Fox

Department of Anthropology
Journal of International Women’s Studies
Bridgewater State University

Deputy President

Prof. Sergius Koku

Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton

Deputy President
(Education and Media)

Dr. Chris Fenner

Associate Professor of Communication
University of West Florida

Deputy President
(Public Health and Health Sciences)

Dr. Raman Preet

Global Health and Epidemiology Unit
Umeå University

Deputy President
(Science & Technology)

Prof. K.M. Nalin de Silva

Senior Professor in Chemistry
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka

Senior Consultants

Prof. Nalin Abeysekara

Management Studies

Dr. Andrea Volterrani


Dr. Anita Singh

Women Studies

Albert G.J. Tacon Ph.D.


Dr. Eldad Tsabary


Brian D. Beitzel Ph.D.


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