TIIKM Partner Summit 2023

20th - 21st July, 2023
Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Synergy is the KEY"

You have the key to igniting action, igniting change, and granting your own university equitable access to education and opportunity. Your commitment has helped many to open their minds, gain confidence, realize their aspirations, and achieve success. You create opportunities to publish and present several papers of various possible researches with each person you coordinate.

The key to seizing this priceless chance is in your hands!

The opportunity to discover how you can collaborate with TIIKM to become a competent researcher for many people is presented through Partner Summit 2023.


During the preceding decade, The International Institute of Knowledge Management has been liable to Global Academic Network through Academic Conferences and Academic Publication Services in the knowledge management industry. TIIKM is planning to organize a Partner Summit in July 2023 inviting more than 75+ Universities representing 20+ Countries. The Purpose of this Partner Summit is to create a Platform for our Partner Universities around the world to collaborate and discuss possible collaborations with each other.

MAY 2023
Registration Deadline for
TIIKM Partner Summit 2023

Thu 25 May 2023

Key Takeaways from
TIIKM Partner Summit 2023

TIIKM Publishing is a platform assisting scholars to get their valuable research work published and aspire their dreams as scholars with solid research backgrounds. We serve the purpose of knowledge transfer dedicated to encourage interdisciplinary research, facilitating international networking and promoting academic research through quality and timely publications. Be a recognized expert in your field while contributing to the body of knowledge and advancing in your career.


Ability to connect with reputable universities worldwide and exchange best practices for the educational process.

Seeking Opportunities

Opportunities to find partnerships by interuniversity meetings, Recognize your university in an international arena.


Together, we can accomplish much more than we can individually. You have the power to help your university achieve their full potential by better preparing them for TIIKM conferences.

Why Attend?

TIIKM Partner Summit is an event that brings together representatives from universities and colleges to collaborate, share insights, and discuss new opportunities for growth and development. The summit is usually organized by TIIKM that has partnerships with many universities, to bring together their academic and industry partners and showcase their achievements, researches. The summit aims to provide an opportunity for academic and industry partners to learn from each other, explore new collaborations and partnerships, and share best practices and innovative ideas.

University Partner Summits can be an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest trends and advancements in education and research, and to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities facing academia and industry. The event also provides a platform for universities to showcase their academic programs, research initiatives, and achievements, as well as to identify new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with industry. Additionally, the summit offers a chance for industry partners to connect with universities and alumni, and to learn about the latest developments in researches that can impact their future collaborations.

This Partner summit will be our most awaited and stimulating event of the year to gather and hear from all of you around the world. So, leave behind the daily grind for this one day summit and invest in the global network for a more progressive future!!

The Benefits of
Attending the Partner Summit 2023

Partner Summit Agenda

Day 01

Inauguration Ceremony

Keynote Speeches


Networking Sessions

One-to-One Meeting

Awarding Ceremony

Networking Cocktail Dinner

Day 02 (Optional)

Networking Post Conference Tour (USD 80)


University Visits in Sri Lanka (Free)

Registration Fee

Early Bird
Regular Payment

TIIKM Partners

Non-TIIKM Partners

USD 250

USD 450

USD 300

USD 500

Visit Sri Lanka


Taj Samudra

5 Star Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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