Education & Learning

” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “

– Nelson Mandela –

“It is never too late to learn,” a popular saying that defines how important and the span of learning is given consideration. Education has been evolving a long way with systems and processes modified suiting what’s best for the learner. Literacy has always operated on high importance referring to it as a benchmark to proceed with life. The ability to read and write being the traditional definition of educating oneself has changed drastically to having equipped with a set of skills to compete in the race for survival.

In the lights of Globalization and Information Technology, learning experiences have developed with the advent of the “e” component to an unimaginable space in the form of e-learning easing the mobility while earning the required education. The growing nature of innovations on a day to day basis has uplifted the urgency for issues to be addressed timely ensuring the future of this social need remains bright. TIIKM Conferences on Education and Learning is a step towards the sustainability of a proper system making certain no misinterpretation exists in the long run.

Conference in line with Education & Learning

The 2nd International Conference on Future of Education 2019

The Education Virtual Conference 2020 (EVC 2020)

 04th September 2020 on Virtually 

Join for a virtual conference experience with the expertise in Education, including practitioners, Academicians, researchers, and policy makers to analyze the trends in global levels of Education, with the view to better understand its contribution and role during global pandemic situations. The Education Virtual Conference 2020 (EVC 2020) will be held on 04th September 2020.

The 2nd International Conference on Future of Education 2019

The 3rd International Virtual Conference on Future of Education 2020

29th – 30th October 2020 on Virtually 

Be a part of an amazing attendee engagement just like Face-to-Face Conferences and maximize virtual Networking Opportunities and Community Building. Our goal is to deliver the physical conference experience through our virtual conference. We invite you to participate in the two-day online conference, present and share your research work, publish with well-known publishers while advancing your career.

6th International Conference on Education – (ICEDU 2020)

03rd – 05th April 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers to discuss issues, tackle challenges, develop professionally, share opinions, find solutions and explore opportunities in the areas of education. The conference serves the purpose of promoting a tight link between theory and practice and explores different perspectives on the application of research findings into practice.

The 7th  International Conference on Education 2021 – (ICEDU 2021) 

08th – 10th April 2021 in Bangkok,Thailand

We would like to warmly welcome you to the 7th  International Conference on Education 2021 – (ICEDU 2021) which will be held in Bangkok,Thailand from 08th – 10th April 2021. ICEDU is the leading academic and Industry gathering for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the field of Education. As ICEDU continues to increase in quality and prestige, the growth in numbers of attendees will be no different this year. ICEDU brings together academics, education researchers, students, and practitioners from many countries while creating a great opportunity to meet new colleagues and develop new relationships.