Social Sciences

” The social sciences have a critical contribution to make, in helping us understand, imagine, and craft a more sustainable future for all. ”


In today’s context, it is evident that the most complicated species on earth is humans who have the ability to think and act. This significant ability has paved way for decisions taken at own discretion creating numerous issues in the society. The decisions taken under such liberty conflicts with the interest of another thus making it near impossible to arrive at a reasonable conclusion that will benefit the larger crowd with minimum negative impacts derived from the final outcome. As the authoritative species on the planet, human beings always act upon self-interest that arises the question of how people live in peace and harmony with each other leading towards creating a pleasant environment.

TIIKM Conferences are designed to serve various aspects in the subject of Social Sciences with the prime objective of educating people of the problems that cause as a result in lack of knowledge on the conduct if to successfully lead a peaceful life in the society. The International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS) is the prime in the portal of Conferences designed under this branch of knowledge.

Conference in line with Social Sciences

The World Conference on Child and Youth 2019

the International Virtual Conference on Social Sciences (IVCSS 2020)

31st July 2020 on Virtually 

The International Association for Social Science and Humanities – (IASSH) welcomes you to the International Virtual Conference on Social Sciences (IVCSS 2020) on 31st of July 2020. IVCSS 2020 is designed with the objective of providing a Virtual Conference experience maximizing opportunities for researchers to develop their career and engage in debates and discussions with the stakeholders pertaining to the field of study. The Conference will comprise of academics, industry researchers, advocates, educators, artists, social workers, and policy makers to together make a significant contribution by imparting and enhancing knowledge for the greater good of the community and the society at large. We encourage abstracts from different schools of thought, disciplinary areas and intellectual discourses.

The World Conference on Child and Youth 2019

The 2nd World Conference on Children and Youth 2020

23rd– 24th July 2020 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The key intention of CCY 2020 is to facilitate interaction and the exchange of knowledge and ideas across professional constituencies pertaining to the contemporary challenges faced by both Children and Youth. In addition, this gathering will help the delegates to establish research as well as to find international linkage for future collaborations in their career path. We welcome researchers, educators, academicians, and child and youth care practitioners from around the world to the 2nd World Conference on Children and Youth 2020.

The 6th International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 2019

The 7th International Virtual Conference on Social Sciences 2020 (ICOSS 2020) 

17th – 18th   September 2020 on Virtually 

Be a part of an amazing attendee engagement just like Face-to-Face Conferences and maximize virtual Networking Opportunities and Community Building. Our goal is to deliver the physical conference experience through our virtual conference. We invite you to participate in the two-day online conference, present and share your research work, publish with well-known publishers while advancing your career.