Women & Gender

” Gender equality is critical to the development and peace of every nation ”

– Kofi Annan –

This is an important branch of study that expresses the stance of the gender and its identity in the society. This research area focuses on women’s studies, men’s studies and queer studies stressing on the importance of their existence, their freedom of expression with regards to exercising rights pertaining to their form in nature. The significance of this study is to explain the space that is designated for a particular form of gender and the matters in relation to the same ensuring no deprivation happens on the grounds of treatment.

The Conferences based on this branch of study does involve the perceptions confined to territories discussed in speaking of how things happen in their own nations and in the matter of liberty that is awarded to practice. Society plays an important role in this field of study as criticisms are a popular barrier that requires adequate research to be carried out to prove the viability of exercising an option successfully. TIIKM Conferences provide that stage to have a say on the plight and the issues that are currently underway across different parts of the world with the aim of achieving global sustainability.

Conference in line with Women & Gender

The 2nd International Conference on Future of Women 2019

The 4th International Virtual Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2021

14th – 15th October 2021 on Virtually 

Welcome to the 4th International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2021 which will be held from 14th – 15th October 2021 in Virtual Platform. We invite you to participate in the two-day conference, present your research work, and contribute to transforming the way the world engages with issues of gender and sexuality, publish with well-known publishers while advancing your career.

The 5th World Conference on Women’s Studies

The 5th International Conference of Future of Women 2022 (FOW 2022)

24th – 25th February 2022 on Virtually

Welcome to the 5th International Conference on the Future of Women 2022 which will take place from
24th – 25th February 2022 virtually. From its inception in 2018, the Future of Women conferences has substantially focused on re -centering women’s issues and rights for the new decade. You are all invited to join us for the Future of Women 2022 to become a part of our ever-growing academic family.

 The 8th World Conference on Women’s Studies (WCWS 2022)

12th – 14th May 2022 on Virtually

Welcome to the 8th World Conference on Women’s Studies (WCWS 2022) which will take place from 12th – 14th May 2022 in Virtual Platform. We hope WCWS 2022 will unite diverse researches and case studies from all over the world, in parallel sessions while offering many networking and publishing opportunities.