Abstract Submission


1. Can I submit an abstract outside of the mentioned research themes and sub-topics?

If your abstract is related to the field of conference title you can still submit the abstract. The selection of your paper will be decided by scientific reviewing committee of the Conference.


2. Can we add more than one author to the abstract?

Yes. You can.

3. How many papers can present by one person?

Maximum three papers can be presented by a person


4. How many people can present a paper at the conference?

This is not limited. But all the presenters must register to the conference by paying the registration fee.


5. Do I have to pay for all papers if I wish to present more than one paper?

Yes. If you are presenting more than one paper at the conference;

  • You have to pay the full amount for the first paper.
  • If other papers are oral or poster, then you have to pay additional 100USD for each paper.
  • Confirmation on the number of papers should be given to the Conference Secretary two weeks prior to the final payment deadline.
  • If you have more than 3 papers, the additional paper can be presented by another group of Co – Authors on full registration.

6. How many co-author names can be included in a paper?

All the co-authors who have contributed to the paper/abstract can be included.


7. Can we get a certificate for co-authors?

Yes .if the co-author has registered and paid the conference fee, he/she can get the certificate. Please inform the conference secretariat regarding this before two weeks to the conference.


8. How many words should the abstract have?

The acceptable word range for the abstract is 175 – 275 words. The abstracts which do not meet this word limit will be asked for revisions.


9. What are the guidelines for the abstract?

Please refer to the Abstract guidelines available on the conference website.




1. Can I present my paper as a poster presentation?

Yes. If you wish to present your research via a poster, a poster presentation session is allocated. You can register for the conference as a poster presenter. Each poster is displayed in the allocated time period and evaluated by the session chair. Please ensure that you stand by your poster(s) during that session for discussion and questions. The time will be informed with the final program by the conference secretariat.


2. How can I submit my poster?

Please ensure that you handover the poster to the organizing committee at the registration table by the Lunchtime of the first day of the conference.


3. What is the size of the poster?

Dimensions for the posters are 2*3 feet (Width 2 and Height 3 – vertical). Please ensure that your poster does not exceed this size.


4. What are the guidelines for the poster presentation?

  • The title of the poster should be visible and it should include the topic, Author name and contact details.
  • Clear flow with aims, objectives, methodology, conclusion and results.
  • Information should be readable from about 10 feet
  • Word count of 300 – 800 words
  • Use simple format and more spatial layout with good color combination.
  • Use reader-friendly icons and symbols such as arrows, numbers and etc.
  • Effective use of graphics, color and fonts
  • Avoid much as possible abbreviations and jargons.

5. Can I present my paper without attending to the conference physically?

Yes. You can present a paper without attending the conference. For that, you have to register under the virtual presentation category.


What is Virtual Presentation?

If you are unable to attend the conference in person but still wish to have your paper presented and published, we offer virtual presentations for your convenience. Your presentation will be uploaded to the conference website.

There are two types of virtual presentations available.

  • Live Video Presentation via ZOOM
  • Power Point Virtual Presentation


7. What is ZOOM?

Zoom is a platform designed to offer complete Unified Communications maintaining High-Quality Standards. Web Conferencing platform enables Video and Voice Communications to take place through the Internet Browser with Peer Participants and relevant Session Chairs, which allows to seamlessly join meetings with zoom software or zoom application in web browser.


What is PowerPoint Virtual Presentation

  • In case you do not want/or cannot attend a presentation through Live Video Presentation, you can only send us a PowerPoint presentation (with video and/or audio embedded to the presentation).
  • Your presentations will be uploaded in the Conference website and TIIKM YouTube channel, so that the Conference participants, Conference website visitors and TIIKM YouTube subscriber will have access to all virtual presentations during and after the conference.
  • Moreover, do note that the same publication opportunities will be considered as provided to the regular presenters.


What are the things included in the package of each virtual presenter category?

Registration fee includes for Live Video Presentation via ZOOM:

  • Presentation slot with Q and A session (15 – 20min)
  • Book of Abstracts (Hard Copy)
  • Conference Bag
  • Presentation certificate.
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Conference schedule handout
  • Free proceeding publication with indexing
  • Submit your paper for peer review to the supporting Journals

Registration fee includes for PowerPoint Virtual Presentation:

Registration fee includes:

  • Abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book.
  • Your paper will be submitted for peer reviewing process of the relevant Supporting Journals
  • Papers will be published in Conference proceedings
  • An author certificate as a virtual presenter, Book of Abstract and Conference materials will be posted to every virtual presenter after the conference.

10. What are the requirements to be a live video presenter?

  • Laptop with headset
  • Desktop with Webcam and microphone/headset
  • Updated Chrome Browser
  • Virus Protections are needed to be paused/disabled before the start, if not it will block the webcam
  • Remove Internet Download Manager Extension from Chrome – If not it will block your file sharing facility during the Web Conference.
  • Bright and calm environment with professional background.


11. What is the length of Oral Paper Presentation?

The allocated time for an oral presentation is 15 – 20 minutes. For a 15minutes presentation, 12 minutes will be given for the presentation and 3 minutes for the Q&A.  For a 20 minutes presentation, 15 minutes will be given for the presentation and 5 minutes for the Q&A.

The conference secretariat will inform you the exact time before 10days for the conference with the final remind.


12. When should I submit my final presentation?

You have to send your final presentation to the conference secretariat before two weeks for the conference. Make sure to bring a soft copy in a pen drive to the conference and handover to the IT desk before 15 minutes to your presentation.


13. What kind of technical equipment is provided for the presentation of papers at the conferences?

  • Laptop Computer
  • LCD Data Projector
  • PowerPoint Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer, Mike

14. Can I send a substitute delegate?

Yes, if you are unable to attend, you can nominate a substitute delegate at no extra charge. You must nominate him/ her a week prior to the conference date.



1. How can I submit my paper for conference Proceedings?

Authors should submit their full papers for conference proceedings through the Online Journal System (OJS). Authors are provided with three weeks after the conclusion of the conference to submit full papers. The receipt of paper submission will be acknowledged via e-mail within three working days. In the event that you do not receive acknowledgment of your paper within three working days, you are requested to immediately contact the organizing committee.

** Submission guidelines will be sent via an email after the conference


2. How can I submit my paper to supporting journals?

If authors wish to submit papers to supporting journals, they are advised to contact the publication team and communicate journal preference. Afterward, the team will provide you necessary guidelines to make the submission.


3. What will happen if the full paper deadline is missed/ cannot submit on the deadline?

If you find it difficult to send the full paper by the stipulated time you are advised to request for a deadline extension in advance (The decision will be taken by the publication team).

If you miss the deadline and still interested in submitting the paper after a while, publication team will consider the paper for next scheduled issue of conference proceedings (this can be a second issue of the next year issue)


4. Do I need to physically present at the conference in order to get the publication opportunity?

No, even the authors who register under online video and virtual category can send their full papers for the publication.


5. Is there a template available for full papers?

Yes. All papers must be formatted according to the full paper template that can be found in the paper guideline page of conference websites. This template applies for papers sent to conference proceedings.


6. What are the criteria for selecting conference papers for journal publication?

Papers which match aims, scope and guidelines of journals will be considered for double-blind peer review by journals. Having written the paper following academic standards and with an international appeal will positively affect selection. The decision of the journal’s editorial board will be final. If the paper is requested for revisions you may have to revise and send it back to the journal.


7. Where are the conference proceedings/journals indexed?

All accepted full papers sent for proceedings will be published electronically with ISSN in proceedings with the DOI number otherwise in a supportive journal in the conference. We are submitting conference proceedings for possible indexing in renowned indexing sources. Refer journals included in the conference websites to know indexing.


8. When the conference proceedings will be published online?

Tentatively, it will take three months after the full paper submission deadline to release 1st issue of conference proceedings (This might differ depending on the number of papers we receive and extension of deadlines if any). Number of issues will also depend on the papers that will be receiving for publication.


9. How long it will take for journal publications?

Publication process in journals are lengthier than that of the conference proceedings. On average, it will take 4-6 months to receive the 1st decision from the journal. Depending on the 1st decision, the publication time will vary.


10. What will happen if the journals reject papers submitted for possible publication?

If journals reject your full paper, we will consider the paper for conference proceedings after administering double-blind review process.


11. Which document format I should follow when sending the abstract or full paper?

The abstract & full manuscript must be submitted as a MS Word document in .doc format (not as a PDF format).


12. Do we need to pay extra amount for publication?

No. Conference proceeding publication is complimentary for all conference participants. However, some journals may charge a fee for open access publication. Please refer to the particular journal website for more details.


13. Can a paper be published both in conference proceedings and supporting journals?

No. As per the generally accepted publication ethics, the dual publication is not possible. Hence, if you publish in a journal the same paper cannot be included in proceedings vice versa.


14. Whom should I contact to get more details regarding the publication?

You can send any of your publication related inquiries to publication@tiikmedu.com. We are ready to answer your all questions and assist you.


Registration & Payments

1. What does it mean by the regular payment deadline?

Final payment deadline is the final date to register and do the payment for the conference.


2. Is the Registration fee per paper or per person?

The registration fee is per person. If you are willing to present another paper, you need to pay an extra 100 USD for the second paper(Oral/Poster).


3. Can I register for the conference before making the payments?

To get register to the conference you just need to submit the online registration form through our website. Then you will receive an invoice to make the payment and after making the payment you will receive the invitation letter.


4. When should I pay?

You can pay your registration fee once you received the abstract acceptance notification. Do your payment as soon as possible to get the benefit of the early bird rate. However, you are required to pay before the final payment deadline.


5. Which payment mode I can use?

You can make the payments as a bank transferor (TT) or as an online payment. Account details available on “Payment details” page of the conference website.


6. Are there any Discounts available?

Groups and delegates recommended affiliated universities/institutes/ministries are eligible for special discounts. You can get the early bird discount if you registered before the early bird registration deadline and registered as a group.


7. How can I register as a group?

If you have a group with 5 persons or more from the same university/institute/organization for a paper presentation, you are eligible for a discounted rate on the registration fee. Per person, the discounted registration fee is mentioned on the conference website under the Group category. Please note it is the registration fee per person in the group.

If your group comprises of more than 10 people please contact the conference secretariat for a higher percentage on the discount rate


7. When can I get the receipt for conference registration fees?

The receipt is issued at the conference registration desk.


8. Can I receive a refund of my registration fee?

  • Registrations that are canceled 60 days in prior to the conference are eligible to a refund of 75% on the registration fee.
  • Registrations that are canceled in less than 60 but more than 30 days prior to the conference will be eligible to a refund of 50% on the registration fee.
  • Cancellations made in less than 30 days prior to the conference will not be eligible for any refund.

9. Do I have to pay for an extra virtual Pack?

You need to pay USD 75 for an extra virtual pack


10. Does the conference fee include meals?

The conference registration fee includes morning and evening refreshments, lunch during conference days. You are kindly requested to inform us of any special dietary requirement.


11. Does the conference fee include accommodation and air tickets?

The conference fee does not include accommodation, transportation or air ticket. Delegates or their sponsoring bodies have to bear the cost of accommodation, transportation and air ticket. However, we are facilitating the finding of accommodation.


For that, you can contact our Logistic, Accommodation and Tour Partner

Contact Person: Ms. Lakshika Abeykoon

Hotline: +9411 302 4349

TP: +9470 316 2350

E-Mail: sales@globeenjoy.com


12. Can I Pay onsite?

Yes, you can pay onsite. Please be noted you need to pay the highest registration fee when you paying on site


13. Is it necessary to confirm the onsite payment before the conference? If so how can I do the confirmation?

Yes. You need to confirm your onsite payment by sending the scanned copy of your air ticket with a scanned copy of passport to the relevant conference e-mail at least 20 days prior to the conference to reserve your presentation slot.

If any participant confirmed his/her participation to the organizing committee by sending the proof (copy of the air ticket) and is not available to present at the conference will not be accepted. In that scenario, the organizers will take the following actions towards protecting the goodwill of the company and to adhere to the immigration policies.

  • Inform to the Embassy/ High Commission
  • Inform to their University/Institute
  • Add to No-benefits list

To avoid these please inform your No-show before the conference close. Also, you may need to pay half of the registration fee within 15 days post conference.


13. What is the base of the registration Fee? Is it Nationality or citizenship?



14. How can I get an Official Letter of Invitation for attending the conference?

An invitation letter is also provided upon the special request of authors or other participants. But you have registered and paid for the conference.

• An official letter of invitation will be provided as a soft copy via e-mail and we will make a reasonable effort to help authors to get their visas.
• The visa process generally takes a month and the authors should take care of their own applications. The TIIKM will not guarantee the visa.


15. How can I apply for ETA?

Please refer the below link.



16. How can I obtain the discount for Sri Lankan Airlines?

Please contact Globeenjoy Tours.


17. When can we get the photos of the conference?

The conference photos will be published in the TIIKM official Facebook page within two weeks after the conference.



1. Do I have an opportunity to become a member of the scientific panel/Conference chair/key note speaker/plenary speaker of the conference?

If you are interested, please send your proposal to below emails with your updated CV.


2. Does any university/Institute/Organization has an opportunity to collaborate with the conference as a hosting partner or an academic partner?

If you are interested to join with us please send your proposal to any of below emails with the university/Institute/Organization website link.


Dress Code

1. What is the dress code for the conference?

The dress code at all our events is business attire


Sponsorships/Exhibition stalls/workshop

Are you providing the opportunity for sponsorships/exhibition stalls /workshops?

Yes if you are interested please contact the organizing committee


Contact Person: Mr. Arshad Refai
Hotline: + 94 77 1501242
TP:  +94 117 992 022
Email: arshad.refai@tiikmedu.com