Aligned to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

As part of our purpose, all operations and business activities of TIIKM are guided by the SDGs outlined by the United Nations in 2015.

Goal 1 – End Poverty in all its forms everywhere

Building a stable economic foundation for all people to enjoy a decent standard of living, is an absolute necessity of life and sets the foundation for all people to pursue greater goals such as engaging in continues learning for continues development and fulfilling their quest to achieve greater knowledge. Uplifting the living standards of communities across the globe is a key focus area for CSR initiatives driven by TIIKM in many developing countries; this is in addition to providing pathways for society to overcome poverty through greater access to information and knowledge that is applicable to improve the livelihoods. The International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development “ICPSD” hosted by TIIKM Conferences has its main focus in this area, and aims to provide valuable research insights to policy makers in respective countries to make informed decisions reduce poverty and develop their communities sustainably.

Goal 2 – End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Hunger presents one of the most formidable challenges to numerous societies around the world, and TIIKM strives to lead the battle against global hunger by arming community leaders and policy makers with the latest knowledge and insights derived from cutting edge studies carried out globally. To further this cause, TIIKM Conferences organizes two international conferences- the International Conference on Agriculture “AgriCo” and the International Conference on Nutrition Health and Lifestyle “NutriCon”, to highlight the latest breakthroughs discovered in these areas.

Goal 3 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Believing in the concept, “a healthy body leads to a healthy mind” promoting healthy living and wellness among the global community is paramount for setting a foundation for continues learning and development. In-line with bridging the data gaps and to present innovative solutions to challenges in the spheres of health and well-being under this SDG, TIIKM organizes three international conferences- the International Conference on Public Health “ICOPH”, the Global Public Health Conference and the World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference “WDRC”, ensuring global collaborations among leading academics and policy makers.

Goal 4 – Ensure inclusive and equitable Quality Education and promote lifelong learning for all

TIIKM is committed to facilitate the highest quality of education in a variety of study areas, by providing opportunities for academics, intellectuals and researchers to present their research insights and innovations on a global stage. Enquiring lifelong learning through the most up-to-date information and insights disseminated through TIIKM Conferences, TIIKM Publishing and TIIKM Education Academy. To enable the necessary knowledge transfers for the advancement of high quality education and learning, two international conferences are organized by TIIKM annually: the International Conference on Education “ICEDU” and the International Conference on the Future of Education.

Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Enabling the required knowledge transfers for building a more equal and inclusive world for all genders and to secure a bright future for all women and girls, TIIKM Conferences brings together the leading resource people in women’s studies and gender studies from across the world in three international conferences- the World Conference on Women’s Studies, the International Conference on Future of Women and the International Conference on Gender and Sexuality, in our efforts to build a more equal and inclusive world.

Goal 8 – Promote Sustained, Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth Full and Productive Employment and work for all