Advancing Disability Rehabilitation Worldwide: Join the 8th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2023


Welcome to the 8th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2023 (WDRC 2023), happening on 9th – 10th November 2023 in Colombo, Sri Lanka (and virtually). This conference aims to create a collaborative and knowledge-sharing platform for professionals, researchers, and policymakers in the field of disability and rehabilitation. With a focus on global empowerment through collaboration and exchange, WDRC 2023 offers insightful sessions, networking opportunities, and avenues for publication.

Purpose of the Conference:

WDRC 2023 brings together academicians, professionals, researchers, and scholars to enhance collaboration and cooperation in the development of disability studies and rehabilitation worldwide. By fostering knowledge sharing and engagement, the conference seeks to advance the field, especially in the global south, empowering individuals and improving resources and networks.

Publication Opportunities:

Presenting your research at WDRC 2023 provides excellent publication opportunities:

  1. Abstract Book: Your abstract can be included in the conference’s official abstract book, adhering to COPE guidelines. The abstracts undergo a double-blind peer-review process by a world-class scientific committee. The book will be available online and feature contributions from authors representing various countries.

  2. Conference Proceedings: Submitting your full paper for the conference proceedings gives you a chance to have your work reviewed by a high-quality double-blind peer-review process. The proceedings will have an ISSN and will be accessible through an online journal system, ensuring wide visibility and cross-referencing. The proceedings maintain rigorous quality standards and are eligible for major indexing.

  3. Peer-Reviewed Journals: Participants have the option to submit their full papers to internationally accredited peer-reviewed journals. Each journal conducts thorough quality checks, ensuring that only papers meeting their standards are published. This opportunity offers extended reach and credibility to your research.


A complimentary initiative by TIIKM, PublisHelp provides preliminary reviews for your full papers by a world-class publication steering committee. The constructive feedback and revisions increase the likelihood of acceptance by high-standard journals, facilitating the publication process.


Join us at the 8th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2023 to contribute to the advancement of disability studies and rehabilitation on a global scale. Take advantage of the networking opportunities, gain insights from leading experts, and explore avenues for publication. Together, let’s collaborate, empower, and create positive change in the field of disability and rehabilitation.

For more information about the conference, please visit the official website:

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