Advancing Public Health: ICOPH 2023 for Insights, Collaboration, and Publication Opportunities

Join us at the 9th International Conference on Public Health 2023 (ICOPH 2023) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (and virtually) on August 3rd – 4th, 2023. This conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to share their insights, discoveries, and experiences in the field of public health.

Under the theme of “Preparedness in Public Health: Advancing Technology, Equity, and Strengthening Community,” ICOPH 2023 focuses on addressing the latest challenges and advancements in public health. It provides a platform for experts from diverse sectors to exchange cutting-edge research, best practices, and innovative initiatives that contribute to the improvement of global health and well-being.

The conference covers a wide range of tracks, including primary healthcare, maternal and child health, epidemiology, mental health, non-communicable diseases, health communication, environmental health, and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in parallel sessions, network with renowned professionals, and explore publishing prospects.

ICOPH 2023 offers various publication opportunities, including the Book of Abstracts and Conference Proceedings. Papers undergo a double-blind peer-review process by a world-class scientific committee, ensuring high-quality standards. Additionally, participants can benefit from PublisHelp, a project by TIIKM designed to assist in the development and publication of research papers.

Furthermore, ICOPH 2023 provides a gateway for authors to submit their full papers to internationally accredited peer-reviewed journals. Papers meeting the journal guidelines, such as the journal of Health Care for Women International (ISSN: 1096-4665), have the chance to be rewarded by the publisher.

Whether attending in person or virtually, ICOPH 2023 offers an inclusive and enriching environment to gain insights, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations in the field of public health. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the advancement of global health and make a difference in the world. Join us at ICOPH 2023 to be a part of the future of public health.

For more information about the conference, please visit the official website:

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